1. If I am not a register member of Gujju-UK, can I still post an ad?

2. Does it cost anything to register?

No. You need to become a registered member in order that you will enjoy the free ad posting services.

The registration is free. Information provided during the registration process is kept private and secure. We do not and will not ever sell your personal information to anyone.

3. Why’s my ad not in the listings?

Ads are checked and reviewed before it will be posted to the site. Ads that are offensive, spam and didn’t pass our quality check will be removed and will never be included in our listings.

4. How can I submit my suggestions/feedback on your site?

Users’ feedback are very important to us. If you want to send suggestions/feedback to us please visit our Contact us page or send us an email to info@gujaratiuk.com

5. I forget my password or How would I change my password ?

You can recover your password

either by Edit profile or

through Lost your password link on the Login page. Enter your Username or Registered email and click on reset password. It will send you a link to your Email. Click on the link , enter your desire password and it’s done.

6. How long will my ad run?

Your ad will run for 30 days and after which if your item is not sold you can re post it.

7. Can I place my ad in Gujarati Language ?

Yes, you can use online Gujarati Type to prepare your content and copy/paste into ads