About us

GujaratiUK is the connection portal for all Gujarati people who live in UK to serve their basic needs. Our popularity is increasing within Gujarati Community residing in the UK.

The Gujarati community makes up a dynamic and increasingly successful sector of the British population.

We Gujaratis form a considerate count in UK’s population. People of Indian origin in Britain number about 1.2 million whether they or their parents came directly from India or from the many other parts of the then British Empire. Of this 1.2 million, around 700,000 are Gujaratis. This population is mostly concentrated in metropolitan areas like Greater London, East Midlands, West Midlands, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

There is a large Gujarati business community in Britain, involved in the retail sector, wholesale, export and import,manufacturing and financial services, including banking, insurance, etc. Gujaratis are also well represented in the professions in the UK, many of them being respected doctors, accountants, solicitors, pharmacists, opticians, engineers etc. We have not only secured our places among the reputed Business class but also earned reputation as hardworking, ambitious and social community, which the politicians as well as the Royal family have mentioned time and again. We have made significant contribution to the economic growth in UK.

There is hardly any sector, which has been untouched by our community. Above all this success we still rely/prefer on our community for some of our basic needs like tiffin services, house help, child minding, rental accommodation and the list continues….. We try to get help from our friends, family, temples or any social connections to satisfy needs.This is where we came up with the idea of a platform, where we can communicate with our fellow brothers/sisters and find means to meet our needs under one roof. We aim to act as a bridge to meet the demands and supply. The motto of “GujaratiUK” is to connect everyone under one roof. Our efforts have already received recognition and appreciation within the community.

Our website does not just help the Community people but the businesses as well. Gujaratis are well-known for their business skills and are born entrepreneurs.There are many small businesses running in our popular town/cities like Leicester, London, Birmingham, Harrow,Wembley etc.We invite all business and services to advertise their products and services, where they would be accessible by all.

Our objective is to serve the Asian/Asian British communities, especially Gujaratis and any suggestions are always welcome.

So let’s get involved and collectively contribute to everyone’s success!!!